Who Blocked Me On MSN?

Recently I have been trying to research if there is any way to discover who blocked me on MSN. It has been difficult to determine this. Sometimes I feel that there is someone who has blocked me on MSN but it really is not an easy thing to determine. Of course, it may be that they are merely off line a lot.

Recently I was sure that someone had blocked me on MSN and it really disappointed me. Then I found out later, via a mutual friend, that the person I suspected had blocked me was no longer using MSN but had instead switched to another chat entirely. You can imagine how foolish I felt, but at the same time how relieved I was, when I realized that they were not deliberately ignoring me. 

From all of my investigating I have discovered that while there are a lot of programs and sites who say they can answer your question, "who blocked me on MSN", in reality quite a few of the sites or programs do not work. Instead, they are scam sites that are trying to glean your email address and your logon information. If a site you go to asks for your email address, you may want to avoid using them, as there is a fairly good chance that they are just hoping to add you to their mailing list. 

Having said that, there are some legitimate sites that allow you to see how has blocked you, but most will only work providing the person you suspect of blocking you has their settings cleared for the option, "Only people on my Allow List can see my status and send me messages." 

If you find yourself often wondering, "whos blocked me on MSN" you may want to consider re-thinking the way you communicate with people online, via chat. Too often, I have been tempted to block someone if they are always popping up and wanting to chat, even though I tell them I am working or I am busy. I also dislike chatting with people who invite ten other people to a meaningless chat. Maybe it is because I am feeling very focused these days, but I tend to want whatever I am doing, particularly during the time I am working, to be moving me forward towards my goals. Thus, I am really not that pleased when people try to insist on chatting to me when I am working or otherwise occupied. 

I have found that if you practice "polite chatting" and you are considerate of others' time and sensitive to their feelings, then people will not block you from MSN or any other chat. 

The worst feeling is when you think someone that you really like or respect or you had thought you were good friends with are blocking you on MSN. If that is the case, and you find yourself asking, "who has me blocked on MSN" then there are ways of finding out. If you are not able to determine the answer to this by visiting different sites and seeing what they turn up, then the next best thing is to make some discreet investigations amongst your mutual friends. I hope that there is someone who could find out for you without making a big deal out of it. 

Of course, if you find out that someone has blocked you then the next step, if you are really concerned about this and it matters to you, is to try to figure out why they blocked you and what you can do to have them unblock you. Remember though, if you are respectful of others when chatting it is unlikely that you will find yourself asking, "who blocked me on MSN."

How To Find Out Who Blocked You On MSN


funny 5 years ago

This video is meaningless, after 2 seconds of trying this I have figured out that you cannot leave messages on the profiles of OFFLINE contacts. If you have a suspicion that someone has blocked you and you use this method to figure out if they HAVE blocked you.. you will always find that the person has blocked you! (even if they have not)

:) 5 years ago

No i don't think so....a person on who i tryed this was just ofline and i still could send him the message.

john 5 years ago

it's not working with me

jeny 5 years ago

not truee,

Eva 4 years ago

Thanx>> i works with me :)

Mo 4 years ago

You're such a genius !!

B. 4 years ago

well, the video was just useless :( i found out ppl that is online, then you can leave em a message, but if they are offline then you can't leave em a message.

bonita 4 years ago

who blocked me on msn

meme 4 years ago


ahmed 4 years ago

it really works with me

thnx man

jo 4 years ago


DIDn't came 4 years ago

It didn't came for me

freakx6 4 years ago

nice english

xx1 4 years ago

wow ;)

alaa 4 years ago

thx for thisss i really love ittt

thriller 4 years ago

it does not work tell me the other option

Maram 4 years ago

thnnnnnx so much!!

Cecilia 4 years ago

not true

jane 4 years ago

thnxx that works

daniella 4 years ago

great! i did try it on offline friends.. i'm able to leave comments and see all their comments.. except those who blocked/deleted me

smile 4 years ago

does work !!

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